Truelove Tech has been working with Indiestor ( ) in the UK to bring you a couple of simple and extremely effective solution for Avid shared storage.

Client-based software for small Workgroups.



For Mac and PCs, Mimimq is a piece of software that runs on each workstation to make any ethernet attached shared storage appear as if it is Avid shared storage allowing multiple editors & assists to work on a single project. 

That includes Bin-locking, all workstations reading and writing to the same storage and a single Unity Attic for the whole project.

I have installed Mimiq for multiple clients with great success, my preferences is for Networked Attached Storage from Synology ( )


Hybrid Solutions for larger installations.

Of course, if you can afford it, the gold standard for Avid shared storage is Avid shared storage and I would recommend purchasing an Avid Nexis Pro if you can afford it.

However if you need more storage than the base model’s 40TB, Avid’s option is to buy another Nexis Pro.



Truelove Tech solution is to keep Avid Projects on the Nexis Pro, but to increase Avid Media capacity by adding relatively low-cost generic servers from HPE or Dell running open-source Indiestor Pro services also developed by Indiestor which allows the storage to emulate an Avid Nexis as an Avid MediaFiles location, multiple workstations can read and write to the same Media Volume with no contention or rebuilding indexes with no need manual intervention and renaming folders. 

Servers can be built with various capacity drives and numbers of drives, usually in RAID6 (2-drives redundancy) and configured with 10Gb ethernet for maximum data bandwidth.

Get in contact with us if you are interested in either of these options.


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